State of Delaware
Family Law Commission

About the Family Law Commission

House Bill #699 passed on June 14, 1984, enabled the creation of a permanent family law commission. Relevant statutes regarding the Commission on Family Law and its purpose can be found in Chapter 20 of Title 13 of the Delaware Code.

Pursuant to Title 13, Chapter 20, ยง 2002, the Commission shall consist of the 16 members, all citizens of the State of Delaware, including at a minimum:

6 interested citizens:

  2 citizens from Kent County

  2 citizens from New Castle County

  2 citizens from Sussex County

  2 domestic relations attorneys licensed to practice law in Delaware

  1 Judge from Family Court of the State of Delaware

  2 members from the House of Representatives (one from each party)

  2 members from the Senate (one from each party)

  1 pediatrician licensed to practice in the State of Delaware

  1 family practice physician licensed to practice in the State of Delaware

  1 child psychologist licensed in the State of Delaware

Members of the Commission are appointed jointly by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives

The Speaker of the House of Representatives designates one member of the commission to serve as Chairperson for his or her term of office.

The Commission meets at least 4 times per year and reports its activities to the General Assembly at least once every year on or before March 15.


The Commission shall:

Study and evaluate the domestic relations laws of the State of Delaware
Study and evaluate the rules and procedures of the Family Court of the State of Delaware
Review existing and/or suggest new legislation affecting domestic relations law and Family Court rules and procedures
Disseminate information about family law to the citizens of Delaware
Engage in other activities as it deems appropriate in connection with the study, analysis, review and dissemination of information regarding family law

The Commission may:

  • Conduct public hearings
  • Invite written comments on family law from members of the public
  • Review and comment on legislation affecting family law
  • Publish and disseminate information regarding family law to the public

The Commission shall not:

  • Engage in the practice of law
  • Give legal advice of any kind
  • Intervene directly or indirectly with any case pending in any court

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